Trailer for Norwegian gem Headhunters

Norwegian thriller Headhunters (Kurt’s Review) is one of those great genre-gems from abroad that gets into the American re-make pipeline well before the original has a chance to find an audience; and that is the case here, as Summit is developing an English language right at this moment. Magnolia has had the rights to the film for some time, when they picked it up at the European Film Market months ago, but on their website there is no mention of either the film or a release date, although the film has already started to roll out in Europe. Here is hoping people get the chance to see this one on the big screen (Hey Magnolia, here is a free marketing hook: One of the key characters is played by Nikolaj Cster-Waldau, A Game of Thrones’ Jaime Lannister) it is a lot of fun and full of surprises.

Headhunters is an action thriller which introduces the charming douche-bag Roger Brown, a man who seems to have it all: he is Norway’s most successful headhunter, married to the beautiful gallery owner Diana, owns a magnificent house – and is living well beyond his means. Meanwhile, he is playing at the dangerous game of art theft. Headhunters is a story about deceit, faithfulness and revenge.

The subtitled trailer is tucked under the seat.

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Jandy Hardesty

Looks like that’s got some of everything! I’d watch it. I didn’t actually realize the actor playing Jamie Lannister wasn’t British. Learn something new every day.

Cinema Nostalgia

I think I’d rather watch the original first.