Mamo #221: And Lord Knows, I’ll Be Wrong Again

Welcome back to Mamo! With TIFF behind us, we close the 2011 Summer Box Office contest, and have a look at what went down at the domestic and international movieplexes in the summer of twenty-eleven. Superheroes! Pirates! Harry Potter! Talking monkeys! Plus, the Planet of the Apes!

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There should be a fall/Winter boxoffice contest.


How big of a factor is the 3D in the Lion King’s successful box office performance? Hmm…

Matthew Fabb

First of all congrats to Toro913!

This is the first time I followed the race closely and had fun despite doing quite poorly. However, in the past times I’ve won I’ve been off quite a few of the top ten, I’ve just generally managed to get a few dead on and getting bonus points for the right amount of box office.

While the box office internationally is having a bigger effect on how movies are made and what movies are made, I don’t think they should be a part of the box office contest. For North America, there’s a shared culture, even if southern Texas is night and day different than say northern Quebec. As that difference is nothing compared to say Toronto and Hong Kong. It just becomes a complete crap shoot, as it’s too far removed, I think in trying to guess how the world will react to say Captain America rather to Thor. However, it’s still interesting to hear that Captain America only went by The First Avenger is a small handful of countries. Apparently the distributors in each country were given a choice what title to use and they mostly went with Captain America. Which I’m not getting off topic, but I think the contest should stick with domestic results.

That said, if there’s any changes to the rules, why not have the snapshot of the box office be the final weekend of TIFF. As you guys generally get to cover the summer box office after TIFF. Also as seen with Planet of the Apes, 6 weeks is not enough for capture just how well a movie with good word of mouth will do.

Also you guys talked about the failure of X-men:First Class and what they could have done better. I don’t think they could have done any better with the stink of X3 and Wolverine hanging over them. Most people who I mentioned X-men:First Class was quite good, is a response of pure shock and them complaining about X3. I think First Class is the classic case of audience’s being a film behind and if they go ahead and make a sequel, I think it might be big as people continue to catch this movie on DVD & blu-ray (for anyone still with a Blockbuster around to actually rent movies).

Finally to end this post, WTF is with Lion King in 3D being the #1 movie 2 weekends in a row! That thing is set to clear $100 million! Disney has always done well re-releasing movies, but this much is craziness.


I think it’s kind of hard to go worldwide box office. For Instance, Captain America just open a few weeks ago in Asia and it serious banked. I don’t think you can run a contest till october for a summer blockbuster contest.

Kurt Halfyard

Dead Last, baby! Dead. Last! I know nothing about how the ‘collective audience’ takes these things, and my performance in this contest proves it! I march to the beat of my own drum, but hey, I bet I’ll get the ‘most improved’ tag next year.

Kudos, fellas. I’ve got thick skin to your mockery.



I think I’ll take up the offer of appearing on Mamo. I am a guy and I do not (thankfully) sound like Rudolph Valentino (though I think he’s got me in the looks department).


So I crushed Kurt, that is all that matters

Sameer Vasta

Top ten finish! Woohoo! (Also, the fact that I finished pretty much tied with Matt Brown makes me smile.)

Hey Matt, glad that you and Karim worked something out for FilmConnectTO! Excited to see you there on Thursday.