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Matt Brown: “The first Saturday of TIFF is like the Bay of Pigs, you want to land on the beach and kill as many people as you possibly can and get the hell into the jungle”

This is why I listen to the show. So true.

Matthew Fabb

Coppola’s Twixt used very little 3D and I don’t think it added anything to the movie. Personally, a movie so filled with dream sequences, I’m surprised that they didn’t make the dream sequences in 3D with the regular world in 2D. That would have made good use of it rather than, throwing it in almost randomly for 2 scenes. Plus I think some cool things could have been done with 3D in the dream sequences, possibly changing up the field of depth so that it’s off at times.

Personally, while I enjoyed Twixt, I though it was okay, but not great. There some good, interesting and beautiful scenes, but I didn’t think it managed to hold together. The movie featured a writer looking for an ending to his story and I feel that’s almost reflective of what Coppola was facing writing this movie and in the end didn’t come up with much.