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Japan vs American comic industry:
One Piece sells 2 million copies in a week
A good selling American comic is in the hundred of thousands.


I don’t understand why WB can’t assigned someone like a Kevin Feige to oversee all the DC output. If it wasn’t for Nolan they would be screwed.


The American superhero genre is so intimidating that I simply ignore the genre.

Rick Vance

I don’t know if I can call Fraction’s Iron Man quality with a straight face at the present, Larroca’s art drives me absolutely insane. I only look through Green Lantern right now for Manke and Ultimate Spiderman never grabbed me.

Right now Waid/Rivera/Martin Daredevil is just Superhero perfection, and Uncanny X-Force but that fell off after the first 2 arcs but is still good and from DC I am firmly in the Grant Morrison camp with Incorporated, Chris Burnham is murdering it on that book, shame #8 was such a misstep.

To make such broad comments regarding the Japanese and American comic markets speak either to someone trying for sensationalism or is ignorant of the reasons behind those differences.

Matthew Fabb

My theory is that DC’s New 52, started out with DC deciding they were going to make a big push for digital. As this is the biggest promotional push DC has done for anything in a decade or more, including doing full out tv ads, which DC has rarely done. As they rightly realized the untapped potential of people who a smartphone or tablet and are willing to give comics a shot. So my theory is that they decided to finally go with the same day digital comics. Then looked at what needed to be done to appease to new readers and came to the conclusion that they have too much deep continuity and so they hit the reset button.

The fact that All-Star Superman & All-Star Batman plus the original Superman graphic novel Superman: Earth One, sold so incredibly well and were all self-contained stories with no attachment to any DC continuity, I think certainly pushed DC that way.

Also note that this isn’t the first time DC has hit the reset button, the most popular one was back in the 1980’s with Crisis on Infinite Earths and since then there’s been other big series that have had some sort of reset or done a major continuity change to the DC universe. This is just the latest and I would be surprised if it wasn’t the last.

Also Mr. Price wonders if Batman & Superman comics have taken their course as they are over 900 issues each and I would say no. As I would point to the mentioned Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman series, that came out a few years ago is one of the best Superman comics to date. It wasn’t a part of Action Comics, but shows that I still think there are some great Superman & Batman stories to tell.

That said while I think there are some great stories out there and great titles, I do think 90+% of superhero comics out there are garbage.

Also while Marvel didn’t have a panel at San Diego Comic Con, it’s not like they ignored the conference and said it didn’t exist like Apple does with CES. Marvel did have what was one of the biggest, if not the biggest set-ups on the floor of SDCC. Here’s a nice picture taken when they were setting it up:
It’s hard to get a picture of the whole set up that Marvel had, as it was so big that it was hard to get a shot with the whole thing. During the day there was always a huge crowd around it, especially at the end of the day when Marvel had a full hour of them giving away free toys & other merch for a full hour.

While there is a huge audience at SDCC that Marvel/Disney would be stupid to miss out on, it does make sense to have their big Marvel panel outside of SDCC. Because one of the main goals of these panels is to drive media attention for some free advertising. During the weekend of SDCC Marvel Studios would have to fight for attention, while having their own weekend, they are only fighting against their own announcements.


Kurt Halfyard

That is a LOT of package.


I dont see a radical shift away from the physical dvds in the near future… It is not the same as with cds, cds never needed a sense of place to enjoy, they were mobile friendly… Watching a film on your ipad is not going to replace the theater experience, whether that theater experience is in your home or somewhere public. There are apps to organize your dvds online, which I use and is great, but then I like having the physical copy and not be reliant on an always available internet connection and low enough energy costs to make this financially feasible for companies like Netflix, which are struggling with the storage costs already.