Mamo #214: Previewing TIFF 2011

The Toronto International Film Festival 2011 is roaring towards us, and Mssrs. Brown and Price are joined by Mr. Mike Cameron for a roundable discussion of this year’s offerings. What’s good? What’s great? Let us (and the book) be your guide!

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First week of school and no Cinecast ):

Well, at least there is nearly an one hour episode of MAMO (:

Kurt Halfyard

Actually, I think Steve Gravestock is my favourite programmer at the festival (excluding Mr Geddes, of course). I talk to him every year, on the street, or in front of the cinema, and he never remembers me. And still, I keep just pick his films because his humour and sensibility seems to be the closest to mine. Plus, Scandinavia has been a really solid area of the word producing films in the past 10 years.