Who wants to hear the new album from Jeff Bridges?

If you are like me, you played out the soundtrack to Crazy Heart to the point where your friends were begging you to stop and the patrons at the local dive bar were groaning every time you walked up to the jukebox. From “Hold On You” to “Somebody Else” to “Fallin’ and Flying,” there was just something in Jeff Bridges’ gruff, natural voice that made it irresistible and, to me at least, it seemed like perfect music to listen to while drinking cheap draft beer in a smoky country bar.

While a veteran actor releasing a self-titled album might inspire some cynicism, most fans of Bridges realize that the man has been jamming since he was a teenager and anyone who saw Crazy Heart is sure to recognize that the man’s musical abilities are nothing to scoff at. Below is a clip from Rolling Stone, where Bridges talks a bit about then plays the opening track to his album “What a Little Love Can Do.”

There are other clips on the Rolling Stone channel as well, including a brief interview, so be sure to check them out. You can listen to the entire album over at Spinner, but if you enjoy it, be sure to purchase it through Amazon or iTunes.

For the sake of the discussion, what are your favorite music albums released by people known primarily for being actors? How about your most despised?

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  1. Here’s some to spark some discussion:

    “Don’t You Cry” by Steven Seagal

    “Man Like Me” by Robert Downey Jr.

    “Yesterday is Here” by Scarlett Johansson

    “Let Me Be the One” by Kevin Costner

    “Devil Woman” by Bruce Willis

    “Boys in Bar” by Kevin Bacon

    “Hooked on a Feeling” by David Hasselhoff


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