3×5 Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes


  1. I miss these.

  2. Kurt Halfyard


  3. I was just thinking what happened to the 3×5 reviews a day or two ago. Well timed :)

  4. Thanks guys. Roller Derby has taken over my life a bit at the moment…. I’ll try to do more of these for the films I do go and see.

  5. Tom Clift

    Awesome! Hope we get more

  6. Yay! I was missing these, too!

  7. Hey, my wife plays for a roller derby team in the UK. It does tend to take over lives :)

    I’ve noticed a lot of derby themed tweets and was meaning to ask about it. Do you play for a team or are you just a loyal supporter? And which team may I ask?

  8. Colleen

    Sweet David… Derby is taking over the world. I am part of the Reign Valley Vixens fresh meat squad “The Crash Test Betties”. They are based out of Abbotsford BC. Haven’t passed my basics yet, but its coming along. That said I have become an uber fan of all the local derby teams and leagues in BC, and am spending an large portion of my time trying to make it to as many bouts as I can. Who does your wife play for… as I could well use a UK team to route for as well. Thank Gawd for live stream!

  9. She plays for The Lincolnshire Bombers. She’s in the B team, but occasionally gets to play in the A team bouts. You’ll have to catch some of them online although not all of them get put up. They’re one of the better Northern teams, but they’re still quite a way from teams like the London Rollergirls who get more of the international bouts. Speaking of which, some of our team went down to London to watch them play a Canadian team – Rocky Mountain. London got their arses kicked :)

  10. Colleen

    Rocky Mountain is a US team based out of Denver Colorado. Londons a fabulous team though I suspect they are a big underdog for the WFTDA championship this year. I’ll be routing for them as the only European team to make the trip.

  11. Oops – my geography sucks, I think I assumed the Rocky Mountains only stretched across Canada. You’d have thought I’d know better, my mum was born in Colorado! :)

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