Dark Bridges Film Festival Announces Feature Film Lineup!

Dark Bridges Film Festival just announced their feature film lineup. I am quite lucky to be able to say that this years festival has an amazing lineup and I am really proud of what I and the others who help run the festival have been able to do. Saskatoon, has a growing film community and through Dark Bridges we are able to bring films to Saskatoon that never would have been given the chance to screen theatrically. Sure you can catch some of these on DVD by the time the festival comes out but seeing them with an audience of fans is what makes Dark Bridges so much fun.

This year we have a wide selection of films. The high points for me are not the big name films like 13 Assassins, TrollHunter, Stake Land and Tucker & Dale vs Evil but instead are the ones that are just hitting the festival circuit or are somewhat unknowns.

Victims is a powerful low budget drama from the UK about a kidnapping that deals with justice, vengeance and redemption. Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps is really fun mashup of a ghost story combined with a thriller, horror and mystery. Rabies is Israel’s first horror film and it is a really interesting twist on the typical slasher in the woods. Finally, The Millennium Bug is a fun campy hillbilly horror comedy that just happens to have a giant monster bug in it that is done with no CGI.

Dark Bridges Film Festival will be screening 14 feature films (13 Assassins, Beauty Day, The Corridor, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Mandrill, The Millennium Bug, Rabies, Sennentutschi: Curse of the Alps, Stake Land, Super, TrollHunter, True Legend, Tucker & Dale Vs Evil, Victims), a whole bunch of short films, hosting a zombie walk and having a discussion for film makers all on Sept. 29th through October 2nd.

Be sure to check out our website at darkbridges.com and our facebook event page for more information. Full festival passes are only $65 at the early bird rate.

Check out our trailer below the seat.

Dark Bridges Film Festival is Saskatchewan’s premiere showcase of cool, independent and foreign genre films. Both feature and short films will be screened through the entirety of the festival.

The Second Annual Dark Bridges Film Festival will run again this fall. Plans for this year’s festival include an extra night of films, a zombie walk as well as an afternoon discussion session for local and visiting film makers.

This year’s festival line up is an wide range of movies from around the world. We have Asian samurai tale (13 ASSASSINS), martial arts epic (TRUE LEGEND) and an action mystery (DETECTIVE DEE AND THE PHANTOM FLAME), a Chilean martial arts riff on James Bond (MANDRILL), a completely practical effects hillbilly horror film that just happens to have a giant monster in it also (THE MILLENNIUM BUG), a mysterious ghost story from Switzerland (SENNENTUTSCHI: CURSE OF THE ALPS), a Canadian documentary about a small city Jackass (BEAUTY DAY), a dramatic kidnapping story from the United Kingdom that was filmed in one take (VICTIMS), a tale of horror and science fiction from Nova Scotia (THE CORRIDOR), Israel’s first horror movie (RABIES), a post apocalyptic vampire tale (STAKE LAND), James Gunn’s take on super heroes (SUPER), a Norwegian Mockumentary about the guy who catches trolls (TROLLHUNTER) and a mixed up splatter fest comedy about unsuspecting hillbillies who have to deal with some college kids (TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL).

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Andrew James

Heck yeah, this looks great! Nice looking web site too. I missed Tucker and Dale at MSPIFF, so maybe I’ll head up to Saska for this. I’m not gonna make Toronto this year probably since it overlaps with Flyway, so maybe this would be a fun substitute!

Victims and Curse of the Alps sounds awesome and I already know how fantastic 13 Assassins, Trollhunter and Stakeland are. This should be really fun!


Tucker and Dale is good filmmaking and a very funny script!