Mamo #210: Man On Fire

Mamo returns from the infernal brink of Hades itself! We talk Captain America, Comic Con, and the first wave of TIFF announcements. Plus, at some point in this show, Matty Price might actually single-handedly solve the problem of theatrical distribution for all time. Listen for it.

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Matthew Fabb

In asking who has been listening the longest, I’ve been listening since episode 2, because you guys were focusing on Serenity and I had stumbled onto a mention of the podcast one of the Firefly boards.

Also Matthew Price mentioned Conan O’Brien crashed the panel to do a bit. He was actually there to promote his animated movie The Flaming C. Both done by Warner Brothers Animation and both with Bruce Timm producing. Conan also had an art show in town with all sorts of fan artwork. This year there seemed to be just as much stuff happening off site as there was inside the convention hall. It’s was just a complete geek take over of the downtown core of San Diego. From Marvel monster trucks, to Sega arcade & Nintendo lounge, to a Cowboys & Aliens saloon, to the South Park Experience and a whole lot more.