Mamo #209: Harry Potter and the Deathly Mamo, Part Two

Continuing where we left off in November, Team Mamo reckons with Team Potter, as the latter take their final bow. A spirited discussion ensues: Did Deathly Hallows 2 leave its audience in the dark? (Spoiler warning!)

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… and it didn’t even come to blows. Well done, gentlemen

Matthew Fabb

My thoughts on David Yates, he doesn’t have a lot of style, but he does do a good job with the little beats. Like Harry & Hermione dancing in 7 part 1, or something as small as Ginny giving a longing look at Harry as he stays behind Cho Chang in one of the earlier movies. I’m sure the actors getting better helped, but there’s a lot of really great small little character moments in his movies, so I assume he has something to do with them.

That there are rumours of David Yates directing Fables, based off the great Vertigo comic. It has the potential to be the first of many movies, if it goes well, as the series has passed issue 100, with many great stories in there. I wouldn’t mind him directing a Fables movie once someone else has created the vision, art direction and more, but I fear he might mess up the first movie.

A friend of mine went to see Harry Potter in 2D on Saturday in Burlington and it was around half-full as apparently with the 3D screens all sold out for the night (around 4 pm). I’ll be curious what the 2D/3D split is as from anecdotal evidence it’s not what I would like it to be (I want 3D to fail so that it doesn’t completely take over theatres).

I’m looking forward to seeing Captain America next week at the San Diego Comic Con. There’s rumours of free screening to fans on Thursday. Either way, that should be an awesome crowd to see that movie with. 🙂

Matthew Price

Even I can’t believe how good we are at disagreeing with each other. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.