Mamo #208: Dark of the Mamo

Everyone loves a circus, but has Michael Bay finally gone too far? The boys who went on the record proclaiming their enjoyment of Transformers 2 return to contemplate the whims and quantifiable lack of whimsy of the Dark of the Moon.

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Tum Tum Tyranus

The terrible Eminem song ruins that MI4 trailer. And Sherlock Holmes 2 will destroy MI4 in the boxoffice.

Andrew James

Nimoy says,
“The Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Darcy S McCallum

I love the earnesty that the you guys bag out the more successful (actually just the more sold-out) HA, love you guys.

Listened to Kermode’s review?

Matthew Fabb

I disagree with Mr Price and I want a storyline with my circus. To stretch that metaphor story in a circus and you end up with the more interesting Cirque du Soliel. Which are so much more memorable than the average circus that are based on stunts alone.

The best action movies out there are the ones not just with cool stunts but cool stories to string the scenes together.

That’s what I want from a Transformers movie and I hope I might get it with Michael Bay gone. Not to mention perhaps a movie where I’m not rooting for the main human characters to get killed because I dislike them so much.

Matthew Price

You are right, 100% if you were talking about any actual idea for a movie. But we’re talking about Transformers. Transformers is not an idea for a movie. It’s an idea for a toy. Whatever ideas have been built up around that, in terms of imaginary backstory, etc, are frankly terrible and always have been.

These movies don’t deserve a story – they’re stupid. The 2nd one, the one I like, actually revels in its stupidity – that’s what I like about it. Anytime they launch into “backstory” I just laugh and wait for the fighting to start – because the idea of backstory in these movies is ridiculous.

Oh, and for the record, I think Cirque du Soleil is overpriced overhyped artistically bereft pretentious bullshit designed to separate red state rubes from their money while making them think they’ve done something “edgy”.


That quote that Brown was looking for in this (very fine) episode of MAMO! regarding TF2 is:

“a curiously non-narrative yet over-plotted stimulation fest that seems to transcend normal movie rules”


Just stumbled across this podcast and would like to say it was really really good. Love the fact you record in a pub/cafe, and the conversation was both intelligent and interesting. Great stuff guys.