‘No ball left unbusted’: An actual interview with Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford has built up the reputation in the past few years that he has evolved into nothing more than a cranky old man churning out lame movie after lame movie. And while the latter part is certainly true, I’ve been convinced that he’s still the cool, laid-back guy that he always was and that he’s just been hamming it up for the interviewers, because he has the star power that he doesn’t have to humor the interviewers and he doesn’t much mind the image that was being formed of him (see his last few Conan appearances for perfect examples of his later-life oddness).

In a conversational style reminiscent to Jon Favreau’s old Dinner for Five, the director of Cowboys & Aliens, who just seems like one of the genuinely nicest guys in Hollywood, interviews Ford and it was really nice to see Ford have his guard down. I haven’t seen him give an interview where he has looked so relaxed since his Air Force One days, it seems. After the jump, you can check out the interview (broken up into numerous clips), where they talk about everything from the costuming on set, to the choice to not make the movie in 3D, to The Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner.

Apparently, Favreau will be doing the same type of interview with stars Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell, so be sure to stay tuned for those.

“The Hat”


“Human Scale”

“In the Story Boards”

“No Co-Pilot”

“30 Pages”

“As Written”

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Kurt Halfyard

This series of interviews singlehandedly sold me on seeing Cowboys & Aliens. Wow, That is the Harrison Ford I’ve been wanting to see up on screen for years….


Shia LeBeouf is the new Charlie Sheen, so apt they were both in Wall Street 2.