After the Credits Episode 101: May in Review

It’s been a great couple of weeks of movie watching. Not so much of surprise considering the number of good releases but what is surprising is that we all managed to get to a few movies and though not together, there’s still quite a bit of cross over.

This time around Dale (Digital Doodles) shares some thoughts on Priest, Colleen (Mary Ostler Wood Butchery & Other Stuff) waxes on about the awesomeness of “Perry Mason” and I speak vaguely about the epiphany I had watching Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life (Kurt’s Review, Marina’s review). We also take a stab at the alien invasion flick Attack the Block which features some spectacularly awesome music. I want this soundtrack!

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police (iTunes)

Forgot to number the titles when we recorded the show so no distiction on who watched what. In random order:

I Love You Phillip Morris (Tom’s review)
We Are the Night (Marina’s review)
Tree of Life (Marina’s review, Kurt’s review)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Andrew’s review)
Attack the Block
– “Perry Mason”

Closing Music: Basement Jaxx’s “The Ends” from “Attack the Block Soundtrack”

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Kurt Halfyard

On the ‘lack of theme or meaning’ in PRIEST, (or the desire for it to comment on authority, and ostrich-syndrome), it is more like that the film was probably 2 hours long and then chopped into 82 minutes, thus anything beyond the plot-thruline was excised. That’s my theory anyway.

Kurt Halfyard

HOUR OF THE PIG is AWESOME. One of my favourite oddballs to come out of the Miramax heyday ——unauthroized.php


I did see Priest after we recorded this (Shannon and an hour worth of discussion on BTD – that episode will be up next Monday) and I agree Kurt – there’s loads of great stuff in there. I look forward to discussing it a little more with Dale when we meet again for the next show.

And thanks for the linky on Hour of the Pig – I really have to watch that soon. We can’t record another show without me having seen it or it could get ugly.


Marina… The beat down coming your way is so long past due. Hour of the PIG… watch it NOW!