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Matthew Fabb

Thanks for the spoiler warning as I haven’t gotten a chance to see Super 8.

Tum Tum Tyranus

More MAMO, yes! Love it! You guys have been pretty frequent with your shows recently. Big kudos there. I dig all the shows on Row Three but I especially geek out every time I see the MAMO download bar on itunes.

Mike Rot

Matt Brown NAILS what I feel about Super 8. It comes from a place of simulation not genuine feeling. To be honest I have a problem with A LOT of recent genre films that are doing essentially this same thing, it just becomes more obvious when the genre is playing towards some genuine feeling. I don’t even particularly put Spielberg on that high of a pedestal for his take on genuine feeling, it often feels rote, but then he makes something like ET and you see the ideal clearly achieved.

Kurt Halfyard

The need (and general large budget enabling) of too much Whiz Bang in these movies have undercut a lot of emotion. This is my chief gripe with Super 8, it feels the need to OVER DO everything in the spectacle department, while (as Price mentions) underplay everything in the drama department.

Mike Rot

I can agree with the point that Abrams feels like a tv director… Brad Anderson does a lot of tv work too (on Fringe several times) and I see them more analogous than Spielberg/Abrams. That said, television is not what it was say ten, fifteen years ago – it is getting closer to film with each passing year. I happen to be watching a lot more television now than I ever did before, and while certainly different, I don’t necessarily find it inferior to film. I don’t have a problem with this television aesthetic, it has proved itself time and again to be a worthy adversary. The physical size of television screens have changed and with them, the aesthetic ambitions. Where they lack comparable budgets to film, they make up for with in capacity for character development, long con narrative twists. I am really enjoying Fringe in spite of its very clear television-sized ambitions, what Abrams seems to be good at is harnessing a mythology that compels you to keep interested.

I am still waiting for the Lost movie. I can accept the compromises to the medium that would be made, this crossover grey area of cinema is its own beast, and I am fine with that. I enjoyed MI3 as a film/tv hybrid, likewise Star Trek…

with Super 8 he is trying to be Spielberg, and trying desperately to be that kind of big cinema, and I agree with Matt Price, he ain’t that.


A quick crude synopsis of of the JJ Abrams emotion vs build discussion

JJ Abrams will get you hard, but he can’t make you cum.


I’d love to hear longer shows, or shows on certain bombs vs hits, eg. why extreme Green Zone, the beaver, or Chronicles of Riddick, Hot Tub Time Machine flopped and other similar movies achieved box office success. Always curious why I’ll see a movie, like it, but never want to see it again.

ps: I saw the Mamo Lads Monday close to 7pm, AMC Dundas – local GTA sighting!

Ms Curious

I enjoyed your recent show! I like how you guys alway seem to be in a restaurant or somewhere eating and having fun! The background noise adds ambience. Listening to you guys is like a night on the town without leaving home and better still no hang over! Continue! I’m a fan!


I can assure you Matt Brown doesn’t exist, he is a very life-like puppet that Matt Price carries around with him. Matt Price I have talked to, he is real (and a national treasure).