Sunday Entertainment: Reviews from Reader’s Digest

Feeling a bit lazy this cold blustery weekend in Minnesota. So whilst sitting on the john reading the mid-west’s quintessential, All-American reader, “Reader’s Digest”, I stumbled across their movie review section. Rather than re-typing it all here or your enjoyment, I thought I’d simply read them to you. This is where main stream movie-going audiences decide what to pick up from Redbox over the weekend. Enjoy… or not.




  1. If that writer got paid for those reviews I might just kill myself now. I can remember my mum getting Readers Digest delivered to her over in England when I was a kid. Why, mum, why?

  2. Very funny! Loved the line ‘I only screamed once’ regarding ‘Shutter Island’. ‘Readers Digest’, how on earth they get subscribers is beyond me….still they’re pretty persistant and every now and then I get an envelope in the mail marked in bold letters ‘You have won’ and then in small print on the corner I see ‘Readers Digest’. Can’t believe that reviewer was serious!


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