Screen Shot Quiz #220

The goal of the screen shot quiz it not to just guess what the movie is that the screen shot is from but to encourage discussion on the film. Feel free to shout out in the comments what the movie is and then provide an opinion or some thoughts on the movie. Oh and the first person who gets the movie right wins our respect.

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Kurt Halfyard

My guess would be THE BOOK OF ELI?

Solid and under-appreciated film, IMO.

Andrew James

Good call Kurt – this is from the opening scene.

And I agree with your take on the film.


Ah, the cat hunt. I love this movie. Was in my top 10 for good reason.


I hear a lot of people shit on this film, and I don’t get it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

David Brook

I think I’m the only person here who wasn’t much of a fan. It was ok, but I found it very silly and not in a good way. It had some nice imagery here and there though, this screen grab included.