1. Your project director comment – couldn’t agree more. Jeffrey Wright really got on my nerves. He was so hammy with his continuous Morpheus impression, when no one else was. He stood out like a sore thumb.

    I did enjoy the film though, it’s just the sentimental ending that let it down a bit for me.


    You know, I think I’m one of the few people that liked the ending…If you had described it to me I would’ve rolled my eyes, but in the context of the film and the way they presented it as a question of whether you would let everything go and completely trust someone out of love, it kinda worked. It went a bit too far when they started to bring in the questions or whether things were pre-determined or not.


    It was more the way it was presented. I didn’t particularly buy the love story, plus the bit with the comedian was a little cringeworthy and schmaltzy for me. The ideas were still interesting though.


    Yeah, I see what you’re saying Dave…The love story strangely did work for me – I can’t help but think that it’s mostly due to Monaghan performance. I totally believed that Jake’s character could start falling for her within the second or third time through the 8 minute wringer. And since her character already seemed to have something invested in him for quite awhile, I bought it.

    Schmaltzy is reasonably accurate I guess, but they managed not to go too far…That comedian is a well known Canadian comic, so I guess that helped a bit too. I would have been happy if the film ended right at that freeze of everyone with smiles – in fact, it probably should have. But I like the extra thought that if you trust in your love for someone, you can also reap further benefits.

    Of course, as Colleen mentioned above, that Sean Fentress guy kinda gets screwed in all those alternate universes.


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