Mamo #198: The Goods

We post-cap ActionFest 2011! Bellflower, A Lonely Place To Die, Largo Winch, Tomorrow When the War Began, Bangkok Knockout… it’s all here! A big thanks to the good people of Asheville, and the asskickers of ActionFest, for an amazing weekend in the sun, and to all our new friends and listeners for a whole lot of good times.

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Kurt Halfyard

In your ‘cinema essay’ vs. clip show on surveying a type of cinema, I generally agree. But I also think you should check out SAM NEILL’s CINEMA OF UNEASE, which is fantastic, builds to a point, and is a very sharp look at both New Zealand and its film industry from a very unique mind.

Highly recommended! (I can bring it to one of the blogger socials (on VHS) if either of you are interested…)


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Hi Matt,

On behalf of Magnolia Pictures and the movieĀ¹s producers, many thanks for plugging “Bangkok Knockout” … .. thanks also, on behalf of the distributors and producers, for not posting any pirate copies or non-trailer clips of “Bangkok Knockout” and if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, previews, then the official trailer for “Bangkok Knockout” is available for fans and bloggers to post/ host / share etc at .. for further details of on-line promotions for this movie and Magnolia / Magnet releases generally, check-out and their official YouTube channel at

Thanks again for your plug.