Director’s Club Podcast [Pedro Almodóvar]

Over at the Drectors Club Podcast this weekend I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with Jim and Patrick as we dove into the still underrated works of Pedro Almodóvar.

While we focused mainly on his Oscar winning production of All About My Mother and the arguable fan favorite, Talk to Her, we took enough time to dig a little deeper into the filmography and talk about Pedro’s career as a whole – which as we found out is much easier.

So if you haven’t got your fix for podcasts this week, definitely stop over there for some Almodóvar chat as well as some other recent watches and answering listener emails. Thanks guy, it was a lot of fun! See you this summer after Contagion hits theaters for some Soderbergh chat?

If you’d like more on Almodóvar, you can check out my mini-marathon that is technically still on-going.


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Awesome. I love me some Almodovar so i will check this out