3 x 5 Review: The Adjustment Bureau


  1. Kurt Halfyard

    I’m a sucker for Venn diagrams. Thanks for that.

    (Also, hilarity – you must wikipedia FEZ and FEDORA, to see the humour. Albeit I am a bit confused as the Fez is actually drawn on the “A” – so your Pavlovian clock needs a bit of resetting….either that or my brain…)

  2. I know the difference between a fez and a fedora… I just happen to like fez’s, and no so fond of fedora’s unless they are on Harrison Ford.

  3. I just caught this recently and really really didn’t like it. It felt stale and all of the rules felt completely arbitrary, to the point of satire.

  4. Kurt Halfyard

    It’s all a Dick-ian head-game in the end, I kinda take a cynical read on it (look at the fools thinking they are free!) and that makes me very happy with the film, whether the filmmakers intended it or not.

  5. Thank you Rot. Exactly. Here’s a bunch of rules just to have rules. We can do anything and change the course of history. But we can only get around the city through certain doors.

    I think the whole thing was a great concept but was crafted and carried out really lazily and was far too much on the whimsical side.

    • The exposition on the boat was eye-rollingly painful. That is where the movie lost me.

      Also the final door chase scene is set up for a good long time like it’s going to be this major “heist” sequences and then the actual carrying out of said heist lacked any sort of energy at all.

  6. I quite enjoyed it actually – it’s not a great mind-bending movie, but as a believable romance (the chemistry between Damon and Blunt was great) with some sci-fi elements almost in the background, it was really solid. If Hollywood’s standard output were as solid as this, I’d be happy – reminded me of studio-era A-level (star-powered but not quite prestigious) output.

  7. Same sci-fi romance free will question better done in Eternal Sunshine (hell even the idea of walking from a living room into a store through a magic door, Gondry already did). Bureau felt like a concept trying to squeeze a narrative out of it, and Dick is guilty of this from time to time (I haven’t read the source material to say whether or not this is true to it). I didn’t feel any connection to Damon or Blunt, two actors oozing charisma, but here, my God, they are puppets in this story that has more plot holes and conveniences than six seasons of Lost.

  8. Agreed that it isn’t Eternal Sunshine. That’s like saying Tyrone Power’s The Mark of Zorro isn’t as well done as The Adventures of Robin Hood. One is exceptional, but the other is perfectly serviceable. Hollywood used to make a lot of solid, serviceable movies that are a good night out without being exceptional, and I miss them being able to do that regularly – The Adjustment Bureau hit that spot for me.

  9. I really want to see Emily Blunt in a great film. So far my favorite is Young Victoria, but something with more range would be nice.

  10. Tom Clift

    I’m in the same boat as Jandy – the chemistry between Damon and Blunt made the movie pretty enjoyable.

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