3 x 5 Review: Paul

Paul Review


  1. This.



  2. Margaret A

    haaaaaa….lurved the band :)

  3. Brilliant – looking forward to some more of these hopefully.

  4. The country band Cantina echoes the epic Banjo version of Flight of the Valkyries in Rango, a nice way to spin on a very obvious reference…

  5. …And for the record. I’m loving this style of ‘insta-review’ commentary on fun films.

  6. Personal motto #4: The less I have to write the better.

  7. keep them coming

  8. I saw sucker punch. That doesn’t even deserve a 3×5. I do wish I had recorded Marina’s hubby’s play by play of Sucker Punch. It was worth the $11.00 , where as the film did not.

  9. Here it is:

    “The steam powered soldiers were awesome”

    Pretty sure he didn’t use the word awesome but that’s the basic feeling.

  10. I loved the little twitchy seizure dance he did to demonstrate her dancing. LOL

  11. Marina Antunes

    I must have been putting L&W away because I MISSED that!

  12. Yeah these are great! I look forward to more.

  13. I’ma go ahead and call these the best things that ever happened to Row Three, including every single one of us, and all the wonderful things we do.

  14. @matt Thank you for the BS. My head is already too big =P
    @everyone else Thank you muchly.

  15. In homage, I have posted my 3×5 review of CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS.


    • Re: Cave Forgotten Dreams. Listening right now to Kermode and Simon Mayo interview with Herzog. Herzog calls Kermode “intellectually warped.”

  16. Should I also mention I have ideas for physical media reviews. Just have to steal a few toys from my Neice & Nephew. Where’s that litebright anyhow!

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