Sunday Bookmarks: March 21-27


  • Technicolor Commentary high-lights some of the better NON-spoiler teasers and trailers
    Over the course of doing my “Diagnosis:Film” posts, I’ve seen quite a few movies. And by that I just mean I’ve seen their fully-spoilerific trailers. It seems like these days a trailer needs to give you every beat from the upcoming film, and it needs to spoil almost anything that might have dragged your butt into your local multiplex. The first example that comes to mind is the Iron Man 2 trailer, which shows perhaps the only awesome scene in the movie in which Tony Stark pulls out a travel-sized Iron Man suit and uses it to kick Mickey Rourke’s (played by Mickey Rourke) ass. Wouldn’t that have been quite the pleasant surprise? You expect to get your standard Iron Man action, but this blindsides you out of nowhere.
  • Being BRUNT with Rutger Hauer on Hobo with A Shotgun
    What do you say when the iconic, now gravelly, voice of Roy Batty, John Ryder, and the host of quiet, menacing figures, comes on the other end of the line? Well, Rutger Hauer was gracious enough to give me a few moments of his time, being half-way across the world, post SXSW as Hobo With A Shotgun is about to land into Canadian cinemas, nationwide.
    Subsequent viewings of SPR have helped allow perspective and context to seep in, and made me consider things I didn’t at first. Specifically, I have begun to look at much of what happens beyond those intense opening twenty-five minutes, and as such I might have even found the real core of the film…and it rests on two characters: Reiben and Upham
  • Top 10 Worst Blockbusters in Recent History
    While we try to remain positive here at RowThree, sometimes it’s too much fun to bash things over the proverbial head – especially some of the big guys. Any of these titles that you’d actually care to defend? I myself (Andrew) personally kind of like Twister. The rest of these… yeah, pretty bad.
  • Is this the world’s worst wedding video? Cameraman who filmed backs of heads, grass and people who weren’t even attending ordered to pay compensation
    When Martin and Heidi Shubrook sat down and watched their wedding video they were moved to tears. But instead of tears of joy they couple were left weeping in despair over the disastrous coverage of the big event. Footage of them cutting the cake and signing the register was replaced with video showing guests’ feet, grass and some people who had not even attended the wedding.
  • Certified Copy: How can you be in two spaces at once…?
    “What I like most about Abbas Kiarostami’s CERTIFIED COPY is its slipperiness. The Tuscan textures are ravishing (it takes place over the course of an afternoon in and around the village of Lucignano — or does it?), Juliette Binoche and William Shimell are easy on they eyes and ears (good thing, too, since the movie is practically one long conversation — or is it?), but for me the most enjoyable thing about it is the way the story and characters keep subtly (and not-so-subtly) shifting, refusing to be pinned down. […] as Michael Sicinsky observes […]: ‘CERTIFIED COPY operates almost in reverse of most thematically inclined works of art, which plunge us into a falsely desultory universe and gradually reveal their master interpretive passkey. Kiarostami’s film presents a concept, fully formed and cogent, and allows the rest of the film to set to work on that concept, breaking it into Heisenbergian particles, then bringing it back into solid shape, and on and on.'”
  • Homemade Palisades Muppet Theatre
    Check out this very enthusiastic Muppets fan an his hommade Set to showcase the Palisades Muppets figurines. It is insanely well crafted.


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