Friday One Sheet: The Minimalist Hobo (with a Shotgun)


Having seen Jason Eisener’s tribute to the Grindhouse, George Miller, Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, I can say that a minimalist style poster is kind of weird and mis-representative of the circus-side-show nature of the film, but hey, it’s retro, modern and purdy all at the same time, ain’t it?

Speaking of retro/modern. There is an 8-Bit Hobo game available for your iPad/iPhone. I find this not only hilarious, but appropriate when you see how the film is actually shot/constructed/toned with a clear foot in each the retro-room (did you know the film is actually an early 1980s period piece?) and the modern digital cinematography (a la the Red.)

Lastly, in the spirit of Jason Eisener and Rob Cottereill’s original meal ticket on Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s original Grindhouse Contest (which got the Hobo With A Shotgun faux-trailer attached to at least all the Canadian prints of the double-bill extravaganza), they are holding a Trailer Contest.

And you thought this would be just a simple Friday One Sheet Post, didn’t you? Hobo With A Shotgun opens in Canada on March 25 with an American release soon to follow. If you are in Toronto or Montreal, there are plenty of cult film sites giving away advance passes. (You probably want to see this with a rabid anticipatory cult audience, because the film is going to baffle and piss off the mainstream folks who wander in.)

Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.