Mamo #194: To The Far Shore

Not always, but every once in a while the veil of despair lifts and the big connective tissue of the universe is revealed. We’re not saying that happened in this episode, but we aren’t saying it didn’t happen. Is there a commonality that lets us understand why, precisely why some films are loved by critics and criminally ignored by the audience? Get the show and find out for yourselves, in the latest Magnum Mamo.

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Darcy S McCallum

epic episode your dudeness-ses, a podcast not lost in translation at all, loving you’re stuff of recent (though I hope one of you two would rewatch Enter the Void, only thing ya wrong about, no immersion for me there, great immersion for me? A film that is also my top film of 2000’s, There Will Be Blood, though I guess that’s about, other people, maybe 2001 is the ultimate example? Enter the Void being the most ambitiously wayward example of a surrogate character in a (not for me) immersive story/universe)