Mamo’s Oscar weekend

Mamo has a lot going on this weekend! Here’s the rundown of where and when we’ll be doing what we do:

On Saturday, we’ll be attending Podcamp Toronto, and will present a session and record a show. Please follow us on Twitter (@tederick and @mattmovies), or keep an eye on the #mamopod hashtag, which we will be using to take live feedback during the day – and during the podcast. Our session is scheduled for 4:30 on Saturday, in RCC 203.

The show recorded Saturday will be our Oscar prediction / discussion show. If you can make it to Podcamp, please do! We will be taking live comments and wild theories and accusations from the crowd!

On Sunday night, we’ll be participating in an online chat on the CBC. That chat will be taking place here, if you’d like to follow along.

Also on Sunday night, of course, we will be doing our usual “live” Oscar show! As in previous years, this show is composed of short segments (3-5 minutes long) which we upload to our blogspot site all night long. You can download the segments as the show unfolds, or wait till the next morning, when an omnibus post will collect them into a single episode.

Enjoy Oscar weekend!

“That’s how dad did it, that’s how America does it… and it’s worked out pretty well so far.”