Mamo!’s Matt Brown Video Reviews The Eagle


Let ignorance be your guiding light! This is not decrying the intelligence or insight of half of the Mamo! podcast, Matt Brown, but rather the worlds awareness of The Eagle (a sort of Centurion-lite wilderness romp, but then again, nobody really was aware of that one either). Starring, in Brown’s words Duke vs. Billy Elliot with a dollop of homoeroticism, left to flounder. The fine folks at The Substream put together a video of Brown in his high-word-per-minute take on a film that, ‘simply does not need to exist.’

Video review is tucked under the seat.

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Matt Brown

Kurt, your blurb for the review is better than the review! (IMHO.)

Amazed you managed to find a still from the film, though, I guess that proves that marketing was actually done.

Jonathan Hardesty

I saw the trailer and it looked interesting enough. Might still see it, but your review has definitely cooled my desire to do so. I really dug Centurion, and if this is just a lighter version of that, then “meh” (as the kiddies say).

Matt Gamble

I’m going to keep my mouth shut on how the studio wanted us to perform miracles with this freaking film.

Whoops, too late.