Willem DaFoe Makes Choices [But Ultimately Chooses Alcohol]

My appreciation for Mr DaFoe has grown quite substantially in just over the past two years or so. Not only is he a darn good actor but he also chooses interesting and challenging roles. He’s gracious to his fans and always has something interesting to say (copyright the Q&A I saw him do at TIFF ’09). Thanks to my buddy TheJoe over at SwitchBladeComb, I can add one more block to that ever growing shelf of respect for Willem in this really handsome looking ad for Jim Beam (which happens to be my whiskey of choice) in which basically the moral is if you make the choice to drink this brand of bourbon, you could become a Sumo Wrestler.

Drink responsibly.



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Wow. That might be the best commercial I’ve ever seen. But, that’s Dafoe for you!


Way to Trash Milwaukee, Jim Bean. Don’t go to Milwaukee, it’s for LOSERS! (I guess there are more people buying Whiskey in New York City.)

I agree though, great commercial…

Tom Clift

Beautiful commercial, despite really having nothing to do with Jim Bean.

However, for my FAVOURITE liquor ad staring a movie star…