Andrew Niccol no longer directing adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

TheHostBookCoverWe’ve known for some time that Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host” had been optioned for a film adaptation with none other than Andrew Niccol on board to adapt and direct the film. That has been all the news on the project since it was first announced in late 2009 but it looks like with the Twilight phenomenon reaching its end with the final two instalments scheduled for later this year and next year respectively, the folks behind The Host are stepping up work on the project with, I expect, hopes to cash in before Meyer, who hasn’t written any new material aside from a short novella, since 2008 with no signs of picking up the proverbial pen any time soon, disappears from the public eye.

There isn’t much new to report, no casting news yet, but Variety reports that there has been a bit of a shuffle behind the camera. Andrew Niccol won’t, after all, be directing the film though the new director will be using his script. As for that new director…a woman by the name of Susanna White. White’s latest work was the kid centric Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang but she has a good track record in TV having directed everything from “Generation Kill” and “Bleak House” to the wonderful BBC/PBS Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of “Jane Eyre.”

I’m a little disappointed that Niccol won’t be behind the camera for this project but I am happy to hear that a woman has been tapped to lead the charge on this female-centric sci-fi tale. I have a feeling this project is shooting for a 2013 release so it’s unlikely we’ll see any casting news for a while yet and whether this project will attract the same amount of fervent fanbase that Twilight did… only time will tell.

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Shannon the Movie Moxie

Is it awful that every time I read news about The Host I keep thinking “Oh yeah,… I should read that’ and them promptly forget to? Sigh.

Sad to hear on the director switch, really like Niccol but it’s promising it’s the same script and a female director. And yeah, I need to like… read this one 🙂