1. bowenarrow says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing really until March that I want to see. I might see Sanctum, I Am Number Four, and Drive Angry but I wouldn’t care if I missed them. Adjustment Bureau and Rango are the the first two movies of 2011 that I REALLY want to see.

  2. bowenarrow says:

    oh….and maybe Unknown

  3. Marina says:

    Yeah, UNKNOWN feels like a replica of TAKEN. Could be fun but it’s missing the Euro-connections that made TAKEN so much fun.

  4. I thought the poster for Unknown felt very Taken 2, but the trailer feels different to me. But, to be honest the possibility of Liam Neeson kicking some ass is enough to get me to see any film (and I had *big* issues with Taken).

    Thanks for the book club shout out! So far people seemed to really fly through and enjoy I Am Number Four. I just started Jane Eyre and am (thankfully) enjoying it too.

    I look forward to the month-in-review show! Even though there wasn’t superstellarness in Jan :)

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