Park Chan-Wook, meet Tony and Ridley Scott.


Well colour me completely surprised on this one. South Korean director Park Chan Wook, who certainly has a world-wide cult following with his Vengeance Trilogy and his recent off-the-wall vampire flick, Thirst, is going to be making an English language film with Fox Searchlight to be produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, under their Scott-Free banner. I rarely go to AICN anymore, but I did today and learned of this film, called STOKER:

A young girl whose father suddenly dies. Her mysterious and estranged uncle returns to the family after a long absence. Suddenly strange things begin occurring.

OK, seriously, not too much to go on, but Park Chan-Wook has a great visual sensibility and makes some of the glossiest, but still very compelling, cinema in South Korean (competing mainly with contemporaries, Bong Joon-Ho, Im Sang-soo and Kim Ji-Woon), he’s been in a bit of an experimental mode right now, shooting a lengthy BMW Short type film for a TelCo on an iPhone. I am certainly interested to see what he can do on this side of the world with Hollywood money. Do not hold your breath though, at best, this doesn’t start shooting in spring and there is no casting at the moment, but the rumour is Mia Wasikowska (In Treatment, The Kids are All Right, Alice in Wonderland.)