2011 Top Ten List for the Shallow

Alright; we’re back with the list you’ve all been waiting for: our one shallow post of the year. Thanks to everyone for indulging us (as if you didn’t want this list posted). Andrew and Marina spent hours scouring Google images for the hottest stars (physically) working today. It’s really hard work but someone around here has got to do it. Because we didn’t get around to posting a list for 2010*, we’ve actually got a couple newer entries this year and a little bit more shifting in the positions** than usual.

Same rules apply from the previous years: each entry on the list had to have starred in at least one major motion picture over the past year of 2010 (no television stars). Other than that, there is no criteria. The people ranked on these lists are there solely for their physical appearance; film quality, personality or acting prowess has no bearing on their rank (in general). So that’s enough babbling; let the voyeurism begin!

* = actually Marina did her part, Andrew procrastinated.
** = last year’s rank number is actually from the 2009 list.

2009 list
2008 list

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NAME: Mary-Louise Parker
DATE OF BIRTH: 8/02/64
APPEARANCES: Fried Green Tomatoes, Bullets Over Broadway, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Romance and Cigarettes, “Weeds”
IN 2010: Red, Howl
WHY WE LIKE HER: I stole these pictures from a site called 40 and fabulous. I couldn’t have described it better myself. Parker has these piercing eyes like daggers that give me the impression that the devil lurks somewhere beneath that milky white skin. She’s got a very subtle attitude and swagger about her that while trying to appear on the “cute” side, seems to know exactly what kind of sultry, sex appeal makes men’s heads turn… and she turns that on at every moment.


NAME: Rachel Bilson
DATE OF BIRTH: 8/25/81
APPEARANCES: The Last Kiss, Jumper, New York I Love You
IN 2010: Waiting for Forever
WHY WE LIKE HER: She still isn’t much of an actress; sort of capitalizing on that seductrive, awkward teen thing. But it seems to work on me every time. She maybe can’t lead a film, but she can lead my eyes whenever she’s on screen.


NAME: Maggie Q
DATE OF BIRTH: 5/22/79
APPEARANCES: Mission Impossible 3, Die Hard 4, Balls of Fury, New York I Love You
IN 2010: The King of Fighters, Operation: Endgame
WHY WE LIKE HER: It’s hard to tell from stills since she doesn’t seem to be all that photogenic. But when she shows up on the silver screen, she striking and impossible to miss. She’s really the only thing I can remember about the fourth Die Hard installment and that’s probably a good thing.


NAME: Anne Hathaway
DATE OF BIRTH: 11/12/82
APPEARANCES: Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Brokeback Mountain, Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married
IN 2010: Valentine’s Day, Love and Other Drugs, Alice in Wonderland
WHY WE LIKE HER: This is the one lady on the list for which I can see an argument being made that she shouldn’t be on this list at all because she isn’t exactly steaming hot. Still, when she takes off that ridiculous bright red, “Bozo the Clown” lipstick and just sort of goes au natural, Anne Hathaway is… well, maybe not gorgeous, but utterly and completely adorable. Probably the most kissable woman on the planet. She cannot be ignored.


NAME: Keira Knightley
DATE OF BIRTH: 3/26/85
APPEARANCES: Bend it Like Beckham, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride & Prejudice, Domino, Atonement
IN 2010: Never Let Me Go, Last Night, London Boulevard
WHY WE LIKE HER: One of the most unique looking women working in the movies today, Keira Knightley doesn’t seem like the typical pretty face. She’s got flaws. And those flaws are exactly what make her completely gorgeous. Also, she seems to be pretty fetching in almost any role across any genre (athlete, punk bad-ass, queen-like period piece, romantic comedy, swashbuckling ridiculousness, you name it…). Plus she’s British and that accent doesn’t hurt anything.


NAME: Zoe Saldana
DATE OF BIRTH: 6/19/78
APPEARANCES: Drumline, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Terminal, Guess Who, Star Trek, Vantage Point, Avatar
IN 2010: Death at a Funeral, The Losers, Takers
WHY WE LIKE HER: Is that a rhetorical question? She’s got that Jada Pinchot-Smith look to her but rather than serious, she’s slightly more on the cute side while still retaining the seriousness. Plus she’s not afraid to flaunt what she’s got. It’s too bad her assets were wasted when she was painted blue and turned into a giant cat. The Losers did a good job rectifying that problem.


NAME: Freida Pinto
DATE OF BIRTH: 10/18/84
APPEARANCES: Slumdog Millionaire
IN 2010: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Miral
WHY WE LIKE HER: Slipping a couple of spots this year mostly because we just haven’t been exposed to her much since her role in the best picture winner, Slumdog Millionaire three years ago. I thought she would be everywhere by now but alas, we don’t see her much. Which, judging from the photos below is a real shame. Damn, girl.


NAME: Paula Patton
DATE OF BIRTH: 12/05/75
APPEARANCES: Deja Vu, Swing Vote, Mirrors, Precious
IN 2010: Just Wright
WHY WE LIKE HER: While watching Deja Vu I think I upset a couple of fellow movie patrons by constantly asking my friend who the hottie on screen was. Or just audibly exclaiming, “Jesus!” any time we got a glimpse of her. Oh and there was that one time, where she looks right into the camera and stares for a good five seconds. Again, Jesus!


NAME: Emmy Rossum
DATE OF BIRTH: 9/12/86
APPEARANCES: Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow, The Phantom of the Opera, Poseiden
IN 2010: umm, she’s not in any – see explanation below
WHY WE LIKE HER: Still not making the A-list for some unexplainable reason. She looks like the most beautiful porcelain doll that I just want sitting on my knee all day. Yes I’m a sick old man, but c’mon… you’re thinking the same thing.
Also, I realize I’m breaking the rules a bit since she wasn’t in any movies in 2010 (what!?), but since we didn’t do a list last year, I just had to include her.


NAME: Penélope Cruz
DATE OF BIRTH: 4/28/74
APPEARANCES: Abre Los Ojos, Live Flesh, The Girl of Your Dreams, All About My Mother, Blow, Vanilla Sky, Volver, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Broken Embrace, Nine
IN 2010: Sex and the City 2
WHY WE LIKE HER: I just can’t seem to escape it. I actually tried to justify finding someone else for the #1 spot on this list and I can’t. I do the Google image search for everyone else and no one gets my blood pumping like Mrs. Cruz. I thought about dumping her after she got pregnant by Anton Chigurh, but this love is unconditional. She’ll come back to me. Oh yes… she’ll come back to me.
Runners Up:
Mila Kunis, Monica Bellucci, Eva Mendes, Sofía Vergara, Eliza Dushku, Minka Kelly, Jessica Alba



NAME: Timothy Olyphant
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/20/68
APPEARANCES: Hitman, Live Free or Die Hard, A Man Apart, High Life, A Perfect Getaway
IN 2010: The Crazies
WHY WE LIKE HIM: Though Timothy Olyphant has been acting for well over a decade, he didn’t really catch my attention until I flipped through the channels and happened on “Deadwood.” I had a soft spot for Hitman, mostly due to Olyphant and though his performance in A Perfect Getaway was small, it was memorable. This year he’s got an animated film with Johnny Depp and a sci-fi teen flick that has him pegged as a father figure. Go figure. But hey, that smile does it every time.


NAME: Alex O’Loughlin
DATE OF BIRTH: 08/24/76
APPEARANCES: August Rush, The Invisible, Feed, Whiteout
IN 2010: The Back-up Plan
WHY WE LIKE HIM: It was only a matter of time before Alex O’Loughlin caught the attention of Hollywood though at this rate, he’d better find himself a new agent quick. Thankfully, he’s done well with a hit TV show though if he wants to break into the movie biz, he’s got to find himself a new agent. Maybe he should hire Sam Worthington’s people.


NAME: Garrett Hedlund
DATE OF BIRTH: 09/03/84
APPEARANCES: Troy, Friday Night Lights, Eragon
IN 2010: Tron: Legacy, Country Strong
WHY WE LIKE HIM: I’ve seen the movies but I can’t say I remember Hedlund until I saw him pop up in the trailer for Tron: Legacy. And of course they had to give him a scene where he takes his shirt off. What’s the use on having a hunk in the lead role if he doesn’t take his shirt off? He can take it off. Any day.


NAME: Chris Evans
DATE OF BIRTH: 06/13/81
APPEARANCES: Cellular, Fantastic Four, Sunshine, Street Kings, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, Push
IN 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Losers
WHY WE LIKE HIM: Why Chris Evans isn’t a bigger star is beyond me. Not only is the young actor arrestingly handsome (wish I could take credit for that line), he’s also very talented and though he’s only had a few occasions to show off his acting skills, those occasions have turned out some excellent performances. The release of both The Losers and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sure got him a bit of attention but I that Captain America is going to blow him through the stratosphere.


NAME: Michael Eklund
DATE OF BIRTH: 07/31/??
APPEARANCES: Walk All Over Me, Postal, Seed, 88 Minutes, Messages Deleted, Watchmen
IN 2010: Pressed, Hard to Kill
WHY WE LIKE HIM: I know what you’re thinking: whose this guy? Admittedly I’m squeezing Eklund, an actor best known for his television work, onto the list based on a few minor roles in major pictures, but with a jaw like that…can you blame me? Eklund has a number of films coming in 2011. Here’s hoping one of them gets him some attention outside of the Vancouver.


NAME: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
DATE OF BIRTH: 02/17/81
APPEARANCES: Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Lookout, Stop-Loss, 500 Days of Summer
IN 2010: Inception, Hesher
WHY WE LIKE HIM: Watching him on “Third Rock from the Sun,” I never thought JGL would turn into the bright star he’s turned into. Talented, exceptionally talented and with taste that only has him taking the roles he loves (I’m still not sure what the deal was with G.I. Joe), even if few people see them. Add in a true entrepreneurial spirit and you have the entire package. Oh yeah, it helps that he’s handsome in a very classic movie star sort of way.


NAME: Scott Speedman
DATE OF BIRTH: 09/01/75
APPEARANCES: Duets, Underworld, Adoration
IN 2010: Good Neighbours, Barney’s Version
WHY WE LIKE HIM: TV may have made him a star but I love that Speedman has continued to work in loads of Canadian indie films which ingratiates him to my already soft heart. Yes, he’s immensely talented (I particularly love the easy way he falls into comedic roles) but he’s also very, very sexy. It’s all in the eyes.


NAME: Robert Pattinson
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/13/86
APPEARANCES: How to Be, Little Ashes, Twilight, Twilight Saga: New Moon
IN 2010: Remember Me, Twilight Saga: Eclipse
WHY WE LIKE HIM: Oh Robert. The man who makes millions of young girls and fully grown women swoon. The roles keep coming but outside of Edward, he’s yet to hit his stride. I’m hopeful one of the three films he’s appearing in this year will mark him as more than just a pretty face.


NAME: Matthew Goode
DATE OF BIRTH: 04/03/78
APPEARANCES: Chasing Liberty, Match Point, The Lookout, Brideshead Revisited, Watchmen, A Single Man
IN 2010: Cemetery Junction, Leap Year
WHY WE LIKE HIM: Goode seemed to come out of a nowhere a few years ago but between his striking good looks and great talent, he’s finally getting some much deserved attention. I had predicted that his role as Ozymandias in lWatchmen would catapult him into stardom but it seems as though it was his small role in Tom Ford’s A Single Man that got him all of the attention. With only one film scheduled for 2011 I can’t help but wonder why he’s not busier. I know: he’s waiting for the perfect role.


NAME: Michael Fassbender
DATE OF BIRTH: 04/02/77
APPEARANCES: 300, Hunger, Town Creek, Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds
IN 2010: Centurion, Jonah Hex
WHY WE LIKE HIM: One minute he was no where to be seen and all of a sudden, Fassbender is everywhere and as far as I’m concerned, that’s perfectly alright. He’s talented, magnetic and hands down one of the sexiest men working at the moment. And seriously, how do you say no to that smile? It’s infectious.
Runners Up:
Ben Barnes, Ryan Reynolds, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Lambert Wilson, Gaspard Ulliel, Raphaël Personnaz, James Van Der Beek, Cam Gigandet


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David Brook

That’s perked me up on a hectic Sunday! 🙂

Personally I’d always sneak Natalie Portman onto my list somehow but still, some strong choices. I’ve not seen anything of Emmy Rossum before but agreed she is very cute. Plus Maggie Q and Freida Pinto, good calls.


I have to say you have fantastic taste in women! Tonnes of beautiful ladies and all brunettes, just as I like it! Amazing. However I’d probably throw Emma Stone on my list…

Nice to see Fassbender is number 1 on the list of dudes. I have a huge man crush on that guy. Olyphant is pretty awesome as well.

Andrew James

Yeah, Fassbender is like THE star of 2011. He’s in like six films and will have a couple more released on DVD. The dude is so hot right now. And agreed, he’s pretty awesome.


Happy to see the manlove for Fassbender.

@Henrik – those images are much, much better when he’s not wearing that helmet…

Jonathan Hardesty

I agree with Fassbender being #1 for the dudes, but IMO he needs to be followed by Timothy Olyphant at #2 and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at #3. The rest are “whatever” as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

Bob Turnbull

Spot on agreement with Jonathan – Fassbender is ridiculously handsome and Olyphant and JGL easily make the list. I don’t much care about the rest (though Chris Evans is fine) – Matthew Goode drops off any list for me because of his involvement with Leap Year (I’m not sure I can even forgive Amy Adams – though I’ll probably try harder in her case).

I’d add Tom Hardy – uh, in his Inception incarnation, not as much as Bronson (though he was awesome in it) – Mark Ruffalo, Ewan McGregor and of course Clooney.

The ladies? Emma Stone for sure as well as Mary Elizabeth Winstead (pink, blue or green hair – I don’t care). Oh, and Violante Placido from The American – wowza. If you have Olyphant, why not his Crazies co-star Radha Mitchell? Michelle Williams, Rose Byrne, Rachel Weisz, Jessica Alba, Olga Kurylenko (Centurion) and Seo Woo (the wife in The Housemaid) are others that popped to mind.

I won’t begrudge you Penelope for number 1 though Andrew…It’s not like we didn’t know you would pick her… 8)

Andrew James

“Violante Placido from The American” – Nice call, sir! Totally forgot about her. I’d stick Olga in there too – I think my gf even has a bit of a girl crush on her.

Never saw the fondness for Mitchell though. Williams is a pretty, but a bit too plain and ordinary for my tastes. Rose Byrne and Alba though will be beautiful into their 80’s most likely.

Andrew James

I saw Michael Fassbender pull a good 8 lb. fish out of the water with his bare hands. Sold me for this #1 position.


Oh wow. What on earth were you watching?

David Brook

Fish Tank?

Andrew James


Marina Antunes

Oh snap. Guess it might be time to see that again. Don’t remember that at all.

Jonathan Hardesty

Now that Fish Tank is on Instant Watch, I pretty much have no excuse not to watch it.