Mamo #189: We Want Slightly More Accurate B.S.

Catmamo! The cat is out of the bag; Hollywood’s finest Cheshire grin has a brand new job; paging Ms. Kyle for life #4 of 9; further cat-related puns to follow. Anne Hathaway joins The Dark Knight Rises, and we spin some theories, quell some rumours, and set the record straight on The Nolan Franchise, Volume Three. Can I get a “meow?”

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Great show, guys. I’m glad you bring a lot of brains to your geekery. 30 minutes of speculating on a subject I care very little about, yet was compelled to keep listening. I liked the idea of a costume-less catwoman, and would like to see if they try to pull this off in The Dark Knight Rises or whatever silly title they give this film.