John Cusack is Edgar Allen Poe

I do not know why this one didn’t come up on our 2011 anticipated release, as it is slated for a drop into the multiplexes this fall. Perhaps it is because it is directed by James McTeigue, he of terrible action direction (Ninja Assassin, V For Vendetta, Invasion of The Body Snatchers). Either way, Boing Boing has a series of photos of John Cusack in a cape and sporting the Poe signature bird as an accessory. I love Poe, and I wish that someone would make a dark period version of William Wilson, but I will take Mr. Cusack stretching out of his usual comfort zone, especially if it means getting some Poe up on the big screen.

Post Script: If somebody gets the bright idea of ‘digitally resurrecting’ Vincent Price for a cameo here, I will shoot them. Dead.