Friday One Sheet: Rubber


Very classy and very nice. Except for that Tagline, ugh. Nevertheless, the featured tire on an angle with an eye does a nice (if maybe a tad obvious) job of underscoring both the ‘psychic’ nature of the the radial, but more importantly, the ‘watching,’ as the film (Kurt’s Review) is very much about how and why we watch these sorts of high-concept B-films. I’d love to see this hanging in the lobby of my local multiplex, if only to see the perplexed looks on the regular cinema-goers (the same perplexed looks the film is probably going to get from many viewers.)


  1. I need to own this poster as of yesterday! Also, *eyeroll* at the tagline.

  2. Methinks the poster would be a bit classier (and ominous) if they left off the tagline.

  3. Tom Clift

    I kind of like the tagline…if the film is as ridiculous as it seems (I haven’t actually seen it), then it fits.

    Then again, maybe I just really like puns

  4. Ha, *eye-roll* ! I get it, like the poster!

    But seriously, my most anticipated film this year. Maybe decade.

  5. I kind of like the tagline too – I think the cheesy gag fits with the retro grindhouse-ish look of the poster.

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