Cinecast Episode 197 – Somewhere

Down to a two man crew tonight as we discuss a boatload of festival and multiplex titles to look forward to in 2011. We have got a round and round in circles with mild confusion and boredom review of Sofia Coppola’s newest (in short we are nowhere as good at doing what she does while commenting on how she does it) as well as some bits of typical off topic tangents (shitty DVD cover art, for starters) and Kurt drops a varied collection of films in the what-we-watched segment from sushi consumed off the bodies of naked ladies to incest to a rather gross and unfortunate bath in human feces — and that doesn’t even bring us to Enter the Void. Good Times.

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Andrew on the Matineecast

Somewhere (IMDb)

God of Carnage
Battle L.A.
The Way Back
The Darkest Hour
Tropa de Elite 2
Human Centipede: Second Sequence
Bangkok Knockout
Saya Samurai
The Skin that I Inhabit
Baby Call
Hobo with a Shotgun
A Dangerous Method
One Day
Blood Meridian
The Descendants
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
We Bought a Zoo
Take this Waltz
The Rum Diaries
Winnie the Pooh
The Muppets
The Woman
Cowboys and Aliens

… and then we list a whole bunch more!


Knight and Day (IMDb)
One Night at McCool’s (IMDb)

Black Book (IMDb)
And Soon the Darkness (IMDb)
Chinatown (IMDb)
Enter the Void (IMDb)
Map of the Sounds of Tokyo (IMDb)


The Social Network
(Marina’s review)


The Social Network


Robinson Crusoe on Mars
(Jay Cheel’s video review)


Mr. Nobody
(Andrew’s review)
(Kurt’s review)




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Kurt Halfyard

God Bless Keith David (Now Put The Damn Glasses on!)


The Sarah Polly film Andrew breezed over in his most anticipated is called Take This Waltz (a Leonard Cohen song title) and stars Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen and takes place like 5 blocks form where I live. Cannot stress enough how excited I am about this film. Allegedly Michelle Williams had so much fun in Toronto she is now contemplating moving here, and I am perfectly fine with that.


my ten most anticipated, in no particular order

Tree of Life
Melancholia (Von Trier end of the world)
Take This Waltz (Sarah Polly)
Hanna (Joe Wright)
Your Highness (Gordon Green)
Shame (Steve McQueen)
The Descendants (Alexander Payne)
Restless (Gus Van Sant)
Blood Meridian (Todd Field)
The Way Back (Peter Weir)

Darcy S McCallum

a did a top 50 to see for 2011

didn’t include two hopefully sci fi epics, Looper & Gravity, did include films that only had festival releases in 2010 that I didn’t see, like Cold Fish.

Things I like about Enter the Void: opening credits, opening 20 mins, a first ‘false’ ending at about 120min mark, the craziness ion the last 5 mins, Cyril ‘whatever’ hes okay.

But come on, its so similar to Irreversible, its ridiculous with how Paz de La Guerta (for many the most annoying actor in the world) gets pregnant, how main dude could seduce any woman or actually sell drugs ,we never see him sell drugs, the use of the car-crash to wake the audience up, why go through the same fish-eye every-time? Man, Enter the Void is so un-confident of itself, is total fan service and un immersive, that’s why the first 20mins before the killing remain the only truly trippy part, the rest is such pandering, of course it probably is supposed to be joking, but when when many, including me aren’t laughting? Truly Noe is the poorman’s Haneke or Von Trier… The main guy is a surrogate, not a real character, the amount of script-dialogue and back-story exposition he spouts make Inception seem like Tarkovsky’s Stalker.

If you didn’t like Enter the Void like me, I reccomend way more immersible trips like The Mirror, Science of Sleep (way better art-inspired visuals) Kenneth Anger stuff, and obviously Jodorowsky & Arrabal made way better head-trip films. Can’t beat Holy Mountain Mr. Noe, you and M.Manson can such a fuck.

Darcy S McCallum

suck it.

Darcy S McCallum

yeah Blood & Wine, Dorff’s best film, where he is the son of Jack Nicholson & Judy Davis, (little crazy).


Finally got to this one – good convo about Somewhere. I watched it in a self-inflicted double bill with True Grit (TR first), and left not quite knowing what to make of it, but after a few weeks of thinking about it, I’m pretty much on the same page with Andrew. I’d like to see it again now that I know what to expect from it. Kurt mentioned some of the scenes feeling like filler, and I think that’s actually what most of the movie is. It’s the filler of Johnny’s life, the parts that most movies don’t show, that they skip over going from one important event to the next. Most wouldn’t show several minutes of him watching his daughter’s figure skating practice, but this one does. Most wouldn’t show them just sitting by the pool, but this one does. And because Johnny’s life is what it is, because he’s “stuck” or just going through the motions, even the things that might be important events in other movies (the press conference, the Italian premiere) aren’t treated that way. They’re all treated very flat, with the same amount of interest as the Wii tennis scene or the innumerable driving through LA scenes. It definitely makes it, as Andrew said, not a movie for everyone, but with some time and reflection, I really dug it.

Oh, and regarding the Social Network DVD/blu-ray packaging, the ugly cover with all the quotes is just a cardboard slip cover underneath the shrink wrap. The actual packaging is really nice – I took photos and posted them here. I guess the real packaging is so subtle (blacks and embossed greys) that they thought they needed something brighter to make it stand out on the shelf more or something, but I think it’s a terrible move. I nearly didn’t buy it at all because I didn’t want that monstrosity on my shelf. But the real packaging is lovely.


Yeah, it totally is. It’s a pretty well-known spot in Hollywood – right off the Sunset Strip. I drove by it the other day, and that driveway where he always gets into his Ferrari basically juts right out from Sunset (where it’s situated, you actually have to pull slightly onto a side street before turning into the driveway, but only barely). I also recognized most of the streets where he’s driving around. She really went for authenticity in the locations.