2010 List of Lists (v. FINAL)

List making for 2010 seems to be tapering off rather substantially, so this will be the final update to this list that gets posted on the main page. I’ll still add a list here and there (if you find one not included or want yours added, email me). The official RowThree 2010 favorites list will be up sometime within the next 24 hours so drop by to take a peek and provide commentary. It’s been a great year and we thank all of you for helping make it that way. Cheers!

So it’s already that time of year. Top Ten lists. Resistance is futile. Everyone and their uncle in-law puts together a top ten list for something or other at the end of the year. Of course we do movies. And outside of music albums, movies are probably the number one pop culture top ten list that is made again and again year after year; with books probably being a close third. So while the chefs in the third row are still gathering their ingredients and compiling data, several other sites, critics and fans around the web have already begun to produce. So as the next few weeks wear on, we’ll continue to update this aggregated list of lists from around the movie web-o-sphere.

send me any list to add that isn’t already here (including yours)!


The FULL LIST got rather large after today. You can see the whole she-bang (including today’s updates) under the seats…

AARP (movies for grown-ups)
After Ellen
The Age
Between the Seats
Block Book
Bloody Disgusting [Ryan Daley]
Bloody Disgusting [David Harley]
Bloody Disgusting [Horror_Guy]
Bloody Disgusting [Micah]
Bloody Disgusting [Mr. Disgusting]
Bloody Disgusting [Theo Dead]
CBS News [Jessica Derschowitz]
Chud [Damon Houx]
Chud [Josh Miller]
Chud [Nick Nunzia]
Chud [Renn Brown]
Cinematical (documentaries)
Collective Review [Mark Davison]
Dark Matters
Dark of the Matinee
The Documentary Blog (documentaries)
Edgar Wright
Entertainment Weekly
Fandango Groovers
Far Fetched Film
Film.com [Aaron Peck]
Film.com [Amanda Mae Meyncke]
Film.com [Christine Champ]
Film.com [Dre Rivas]
Film.com [Elisabeth Rappe]
Film.com [Eric D. Snider]
Film.com [Laremy Legel]
Film.com [MaryAnn Johanson]
Film.com (horror)
Film.com (most underrated)
Film Drunk
Film Freak Central
Film Junk
From the Front Row
Globe and Mail [Johanna Schneller]
Green Cine Daily [Aaron Hillis]
The Guardian [Phillip French]
The Guardian [Peter Bradshaw]
Heat Vision (Hollywood Reporter)
I Can’t Get Laid in this Town
IMDb [Col Needham]
IMDb [Keith Simanton]
IndieWire [Oli Lyttelton]
IndieWire Critics Survey
io9 (best sci-fi/fantasy)
John Campea
John Waters
JSOnline [Duane Dudek]
Killer Film [Donny Broussard]
Killer Film [Jon Peters]
La Fascination
L.A. Weekly [Karina Longworth]
Left Field Cinema | (Podcast pt.1) | (Podcast pt.2)
Lisa Ayanami
Lumino Magazine
MAMO/RowThree [Matt Brown]
Mark Kermode (video)
Minty’s Menagerie
Movie Moxie [Shannon Ridler]
Movie Retriever
MTV Blog [Josh Horowitz]
MTV Blog [Tom DiChiara]
My Film Views
New York Post
New York Times [A.O. Scott]
New Yorker
NYU Local
Next Movie
Next Movie [Kevin Polowy]
Now Magazine [Glenn Sumi]
NPR [David Edelstein]
One Stop Newsstand
Onion A.V. Club
Playlist [Christopher Bell]
Playlist [Gabe Toro]
The Playlist [Kevin Jaggernauth]
Playlist [Simon Dang]
The Playlist [RP]
The Playlist (OST and scores)
Pop Matters
Pop Matters (guilty pleasures)
Pop Matters (10 best you never heard of)
Portland Mercury
Quentin Tarantino
Reel Fanatic
Reel Insight (podcast)
Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert (foreign films)
Rolling Stone [Peter Travers]
Rolling Stone [Peter Travers] (DVD and Blu-ray)
Ropes of Silicon
Screen Grab [Curt Holman]
Screen Junkies
Seeing Black
SF360 (San Francisco aggragate)
/film [Germain Lussier]
/Film (most beautiful)
The Star
Stephen King
Switchbladecomb [The Joe]
Tech Central
Ten Best Films [Michael J. Anderson]
The Film Talk [Tony Youngblood]
TheMovieBlog [Rodney Brazeau]
They Shoot Actors Don’t They
Time Out
Tiny Mix Tapes
Total Film
Tulsa World [Michael Smith]
Tulsa World [Kim Brown]
Tulsa World [Michael Smith]
Tulsa World [Kim Brown]
TV.com [Sheldon Wiebe]
Twitch [Ard Vijn]
Twitch [Ben Umstead]
Twitch [Jim Tudor]
Twitch [Kwenton Bellette]
Twitch [Swarez]
Twitch [Todd Brown]
Twitter trends
Vancouver Sun [Katherine Monk]
Video Hound Movie Retriever
Village Voice [J. Hoberman]
Washington Post [Ann Hornaday]
Washington Times


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Sameer Vasta

Over on Fimoculous, Rex has been creating a list of best-of-lists for about a decade now. You should submit your list of lists to his list of lists so he can have a list of list of lists. My head is already exploding.



Thanks for adding my top 10 to the list. It’s appreciated!


Tiny Mix Tapes has a top 25 films of ’10 if you want to check that out:


Kurt Halfyard

By Omission, according to Armond White, nothing in 2010 was better than Shutter Island.



Darcy McCallum

my list at farfetchfilm.com (thx Andrew) has films from 18 countries, though granted from a list of 50, but I like to think that my list is the most straight-up, though in saying that, I should SHUT UP


[…] most of us in the third row, a few lists have already started popping up here and there. So as I do every year, this will be the go-to place for a constantly updated source to where you can find all of the […]