Any Colour You Like – A Montage

I love a good dose of colour in movies. Nothing against spectacular Black and White cinematography – Film Noir is one of my favourite styles of film after all – but I’m always happy to see bright and shiny colours put to good use on the screen. There are plenty of scenes filled with bright hues, but in order to really capture that through a set of video clips I thought it might be easier to use scenes focused on individual colours. Using the music of the terrific Montreal band Plants And Animals (from their second album “La La Land”), here’s a walk through the spectrum of the rainbow…


Bob Turnbull
Critical Thinker At Large


  1. Damn, Bob! You are getting really good at this. Not surprised to see Argento, Yimou, and Anderson get a lot of 'montage time' but I love a lot of other stuff in there, even stuff I didn't recognize! (Still haven't caught Seijun Suzuki's PRINCESS RACOON.

  2. This is awesome, Bob. I have a bunch of stuff I want to rewatch now. Starting with Red. Glad to see Cyd Charisse pop up a few times! The color-coded source credits are a great touch, too. I'll have to go through it more carefully and match up the clips I didn't recognize.

  3. Awesome again, Bob. Out of interest, have you seen Amer? That's one hell of a colourful, gorgeous looking film. The middle section didn't work for me and the film has problems as a whole, but as a stylish experiment it's astonishing.

  4. Thanks all…

    The colour coded credits were actually my son's idea – I was slapping them together alphabetically again when he pointed out the error of my ways.

    I haven't seen "Amer" yet Dave, but I've wanted to ever since initially hearing about it many moons ago. Even with the less than thrilling reviews I've skimmed, I still do want to see it – I will tend to let certain things go if the visuals are of enough interest.

  5. Nice one Bob. Glad I finally got to this cuz its awesome! I kept wondering when you were going to get to Almodovar (can't talk about color theory and not include him) until I realized what this was going for. I LOVE the slow rainbow of colors that transition really nicely from lights to darks.

    This was amazing. I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like this. Fantastic.

  6. Thanks Andrew…Yeah, I initially thought about numerous colour rich scenes (and you can bet Almodovar was in the mix), but I wasn't quite sure where to with that idea. The rainbow concept made it easier – and since I'm lazy by nature I went with that…B-)


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