Trailer: Vanishing on 7th Street

There seem to be a lot of folks who have seen Brad Anderson’s latest, Vanishing on 7th Street, that want the film that is offered in this trailer, a post-apocalyptic action/survivor film. Instead the film is not exactly as advertised, but turns out to be an interesting enough metaphysical tale. It is smarter than people are giving it credit for, based on the usual expectations of the genre. I am not saying the film is for everyone, but I really dug it (Kurt’s Review.)

The stylish and kinetic trailer is tucked under the seat.

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Marina Antunes

I can appreciate that they were going for something different and Anderson manages a few scares but gosh, I hated this film.

Mike Rot

and I am in the middle, not great, not horrible.

Bob Turnbull

Big pile of "meh" for me, but that's partially due to expectations going in. The biggest problems for me were the lame characters and just as lame performances of those characters. I think there is something to dig into Kurt, but 1) not enough to go very deep and 2) characters that prevented me from even picking up the shovel in the first place.

I still think Session 9 is great though.

Marina Antunes

I'd go as far as saying that all of Anderson's previous work is great. I love spotting his name on some of my fave shows. The episodes of Fringe he directs are usually the darkest of the bunch.