Clips and Images for Taymor’s “The Tempest”

Which is really all I need to know I’m seeing this asap. Kind of a lover her or hate her director it seems, I personally love the visual flair and flavor of Taymor’s style. The only other director that is comparable in the original and fantastical look of their films is probably Tarsem.

I personally can’t wait for this adaptation. Taymor seems to like her Shakespeare and with Mirren, Whishaw, Cumming, Molina, Cooper and Strathairn, how can anyone not? Definitely in my most anticipated list of movies for December.

Collider was kind enough to let me steal all of their images and mash all of the clips into one long streaming experience of rad.

clip and more stills below the seats…



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David Brook

Looks interesting, it's just a shame it has Russell Brand in it – I can't stand that guy.

Jandy Hardesty

I don't mind Russell Brand, though I can see why people don't care for him. But for Shakespeare's comic relief characters, he seems perfect to me.