Trailer: And Everything is Going Fine

Steven Soderbergh already has a taped monologue featuring Spalding Gray, 1996’s Gray’s Anatomy. But here, he and his editor, Susan Littenberg, have taken as much electronic media of Gray talking about himself as they could find, and this includes some interviews, TV footage, and other rare taped shows, and composed the ultimate ‘summary’ portrait of the man. In the spirit of the documentaries such as For All Mankind and Ascension (albeit this film is inner space, not outer space!) there is nothing added to this, no voice over, no framing elements, the available footage is there to be a new monologue of sorts, composed of parts separated by time and space.

And Everything is Going Fine is probably the best gateway into the wonderful and fascinating world of such a compelling speaker and performer, and IFC is putting it out on Video On Demand. A few of us caught AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE at this years edition of Hot Docs (Rot’s Review) and you simply cannot go wrong by putting Spalding Gray in front of a camera, even if it is essentially an extremely well edited ‘clip show,’ aiming to sum up a life.

The Trailer is tucked under the seats.



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Have you seen it, Kurt? It was my favorite of Hot Docs, and I have a soft spot for Gray's monologues… I really like the poster but at the same time I can't not think about how he died reflected in it. Not sure if that was intentional, I doubt it as his death is never directly discussed in the documentary.