Mamo#185: Untangled

Breakfast at our new Mamo HQ, the inimitable Caplansky’s Deli, just a 2 minute walk from the new digs of one half of us. What was on the table? Besides gargantuan amounts of smoked meatery, we have laurels for Disney, darts for the Academy, and a split decision on 127 Hours. Grab a cup of coffee and a heart rate monitor, and join us, won’t you?

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James McNally

Yours is the only podcast I can listen to all the way through! Thanks for keeping it concise. But your constant egg-eating is making me hungry!

p.s. are you planning an awards commentary version once all the year-end lists start appearing?

Kurt Halfyard

Great show (as always) guys. You teased only with the Buried 127 hours comparison…It's hard not to think of these two movies together because of their proximity in release and concept, but I genuinely believe there are some interesting marketing and filmmaking dos and don'ts that can be teased out of consideration of these two films – I started brainstorming this a bit a while ago… ->


I finally made it to Caplansky's for breakfast and without hyperbole, had the best breakfast of my life. Smoked Meat Hash-ish is like heaven… also I don't know how you record there, when I was there it was a pretty loud and happening place to be. Contrary to what the sign outside claims, the service was awesome… I so wish I lived in Kensington still.