A Game of Thrones will probably be the greatest thing ever.

Alright, maybe not, but if you are familiar with the source material and have a soft spot for high fantasy, you will surely be nerding out over the latest trailer for HBO’s A Game of Thrones.

Despite being primarily a film blog, we in the third row do occasionally dip our toes in television – and since it seems as if television is becoming more and more cinematic with each passing year, it’s hardly surprising that us movie nerds are watching more TV now than ever. Besides maybe South Park, Deadwood was the first show that I viewed with consistency since my middle school years and since its premature and borderline criminal end in 2006, it seems that there is more quality television being produced than ever before.

Today, I think that Mad Men and Breaking Bad are two of the finest written, acted, and all around produced television shows (or hell, anything) ever created. I’m also following regularly the likes of Californication, Eastbound & Down, Bored to Death, Justified, and lately, Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead. And there are a whole slew of others (The Wire, Dexter, etc.) that are recommended to me on a weekly basis.

There just isn’t enough time in the day.

And now there is going to be less time, because I am unquestionably going to have to clear out an hour a week for the first season of A Game of Thrones. The George R.R. Martin fantasy series is exceptionally well-written and entrancing and I suspect with names like Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage starring in the adaptation, I have no doubt that this is going to be another show to add high on my list of “must watches.”

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Marina Antunes

Totally badass. Now, I just have to wrap myself with the series over the holidays. I've only had the first 4 books sitting on my bookshelf for, I don't know, 3 years?

Jonathan G.

This is definitely on my watch list and so far this series is epic. I’m a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels and the Game of Thrones series is awesome. This is the best fantasy series on TV today and I will have to stay a loyal HBO subscriber but because of this. It also looks great in HD from DISH Network. Right now you can get HD free for life with one of America’s top packages from DISH Network. That’s a savings of $120 a year. I am a customer and employee of DISH and you can find more info on HD free for life online at DISH Network’s official website.