Your Highness Trailer

After several heavy-duty atmospheric arthouse films (George Washington, All The Real Girls, Undertow, Snow Angels) David Gordon Green appeared to have found a particular niche, indie North Carolina indie dramas with some genre wiggle room from romantic to coming of age to thriller. But then low and behold, The Pinapple Express and work-for-hire gigs on “Eastbound and Down” revealed a very goofy broad comedy side of things, just off-kilter from the mainstream, but not espousing too much pretense. It is not quite a 180 degree turn, but there you have it. Now it looks like he has assembled a lot of Team Pineapple (James Franco, Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and his cinematographer Tim Orr) and picked up two of the cultiest geek-crush girls, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel and dropped them all into a stoner comedy set in the Middle Ages, Your Highness. The trailer does not offer any hint of a framing story, but the contemporary language and wink-wink aspects seem to indicate some sort of drug induced fantasy, as if instead of Peter Falk telling a fairy tale to Fred Savage, you have two stoners self-participating in their own hazy imaginations. Either way, the trailer certainly tickles my funny bone in the same manner as Pineapple Express did, and in lieu of Gary Cole, we have a personal favourite, Charles Dance.

The trailer is tucked under the seat. Warning: It is a Redbander and raunchy, delightfully stupid and runs a curiously long 3min30sec.


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Andrew James

Maybe this is just me, but I found that trailer to be very seriously unfunny. Like, not even a smile. Ouch.
I love everyone involved and Portman grows more fetching each year, but I'm not finding much comedy here.

Of course, my back hurts like a bitch and that seems to be putting a damper on everything today…. even my oatmeal cream pie and coffee.
[insert Napolean Dynamite sigh here]

Andrew James

"I love everyone involved"

Wait, I take that back. I'm not much of a McBride fan at all. He's never done anything for me.


Of *course* they get high!

I like what I see. No gut holding laughter but some funny bits in there. It's like an adult only PRINCESS BRIDE. At least I hope that's what turns into. Certainly feels that way.

David Brook

I wouldn't say an 'adult' version – I'm with Andrew, it looks a bit too low brow to be classed alongside the witty Princess Bride.

But on the plus side – Natalie Portman in a thong… I'm there.


Holy crap I was really pleasently surprised by this trailer. I thought this was really funny. And Portman and Deschanel?? Sweet!

Color me interested.


I love what I read when Franco talked about this recently though – that when filming, they took the script that they had and the filming of it as if they were filming an actual grand fantasy epic that was meant to be serious.