Harrison Ford Overload!!!

I guess Harrison Ford has a new movie out or something. It may or may not be named after an Oasis album – and Rotten Tomatoes says that it is one of his highest critically rated movie in ages!

Morning Glory: 56%
Extraordinary Measures: 27%
Crossing Over: 17%
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: 77%
Firewall: 19%
Hollywood Homicide: 30%
K-19 The Widowmaker: 61%
What Lies Beneath: 45%
Random Hearts: 15%
Six Days, Seven Nights: 37%
The Devil’s Own: 29%

Compare that to his string of critical darling after critical darling in the 80s and into the mid-90s that lead up to this dramatic shift in quality (in order of release): The Empire Strikes Back (97%), Raiders of the Lost Ark (94%), Blade Runner (92%), Return of the Jedi (78%), Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (85%), Witness (94%), The Mosquito Coast (75%), Frantic (77%), Working Girl (83%), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (89%), Presumed Innocent (94%), Regarding Henry (48%), Patriot Games (75%), The Fugitive (94%), Clear and Present Danger (78%), Sabrina (61%), and Air Force One (78%).

I’m still perplexed by the whole thing. Maybe when Air Force One succeeded both financially and with the critics he thought that every mindless and silly movie that came his way would be received as such. Of course, if that was his thought, he was dead wrong.

After the jump, I’m compiled many of the recent appearances of Harrison on talk shows and interviews, where he is noticeably less grumpy than he has been in the past ten years during these types of ordeals (of which he has made note of in the past, he is not very fond of, being the extremely private person that he is). Enjoy – and feel free to talk about anything Harrison Ford related, be it his most recent film, one of these interviews, or how awesome he was in The Mosquito Coast.

Here, we get a chance to listen to Harrison Ford sing – and the heaven’s open up, angels descend, and God says, “It is good.”

Harrison covers quite a bit, including his alleged grumpiness during interviews:

Below is Harrison’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel:

Harrison Highlight: “Every time I’ve been fired, it’s because I wanted to be.”

Harrison Highlight [randomly to Dave Letterman during interview]: “How come you’re so much taller than I am?”

Harrison Highlight: “The secret to a good frittata is in anything that happens to be in the refrigerator can be used, but you have to have a really hot pan to start with.”

Harrison on Jon Stewart. The highlight is Harrison’s response when Jon asks him “How is the movie?”:

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Andrew James

I already talked about The Mosquito Coast in the last Cinecast, but I'll say it again: it's probably his best performance; better than his Oscar nominated turn in Witness maybe.

And yeah, it's good to see Ford in higher spirits again. Man he was kind of a dick in years past. I haven't seen his last three movies, but maybe I'll take the time some weekend (Thanksgiving?) and do them all at once.

On a related note, press junkets must really suck ass.