Kevin Smith’s Red State Poster

A quite moody and ‘light intensive’ one-sheet for the upcoming Kevin Smith foray into horror filmmaking clearly says this is not going to be like the rest of his filmography.

A little bit of catholic spirit and the ‘holy ghost’ is what I get from this, and I really like the tagline.

John Goodman, Melissa Leo, Kevin Pollak and Steven Root star in the film which apparently just finished principal photography. Expect to see this film pop up around Sundance next year. Kevin Smith successfully debuted his first film, Clerks, in Park City and is one of the festivals golden boys, so the film should be a lock there in January if they finish post-production to meet that target.

After Smiths ups (his speaking tours and podcast) and downs (Cop Out) and middles (Zack & Miri), I am very much curious to see what a new genre-direction does for his filmmaking and career. And hey, great cast he’s got there!

Via Filmmaker.


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Jonathan Hardesty

That cast is kind of hard to ignore, for sure. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curiously following Smith's current career choices.