Flyway Film Fest Dispatch #8: Xan Aranda



Director of shorts for the Flyway Film Festival is veteran programmer, Xan Aranda, founder and director of the Chicago Short Film Brigade and writer/producer of other feature films. Xan spoke with us last year with her in competition film, Milking the Rhino. This year she’s here to help promote Prisoner of Her Past and give us an exquisite breadth of great short films in the many genres that they encompass.

Once again at the closing night P&I party, Xan talked with Matt and Andrew about the nature of short films, some of the favorites at this year’s fest and other festival goings on with her Short Film Brigade and the sheer number of them she sees each year. We also talk about the Jay Cheel retrospective she plans to screen after learning about Poutine from Gerry.



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