Mamo #183: We Owe it to Ourselves

October brings forth the unlikely successes of both Jackass and Paranormal Activity. 3D is back, and so is a terrifying movie made with a camcorder and an air gun. And so is the rapacious love of short term profit in Hollywood. How will all this affect us, the buying public? Find out in the brand new mamo.

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Is it the 3D or the anticipation of these particular films' subjects, inflating prices, greater ticket sales in international markets, or just plain an outlier that 2010 essentially THREE $1 Billion (with a B!) world wide grossing films in 2010 (I'm cheating only a smidgen by including Avatar that was release 2 weeks before 2010 started, but that film made most of its money in 2010.

Toy Story


Alice in Wonderland.

(And Harry Potter is still coming…)

Kurt Halfyard

The Italian movie is Gomorrah