Flyway Film Fest Dispatch #7: Jed Schlegelmilch and Damon Holland



Final night at the Flyway Film Festival and during the drink-a-thon that is the closing night gala party, we managed to finally catch our very busy friend and now film maker, Jed Schliegelmilch, for a quick sit down to discuss his new film, Absence/Presence. This extremely personal documentary follows Jed on a quest of sorts to explore a little bit more about what happened Halloween night ten years ago when his brother very unexpectedly committed suicide. Details at the time were sketchy and even a little bit of mystery to the evening. Jed road trips to Wisconsin to visit friends and officials involved with the case in order to finally come to grips with his own feelings surrounding the entire situation. Needless to say the audience took the film as the punch in the gut that it is and was visibly moved as the closing credits rolled.

As we sat down in the very noisy Breakwater Gallery and Wine Bar, Jed and his director of photography, Damon Holland, talk about their feelings on putting the film together, how Cloud Cult got involved and agreed to do the soundtrack and what it’s like to be a rookie film maker at their very first festival and what plans they have for the film in the future.



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