Flyway Film Fest Dispatch #4: Producer Jeremy Wilker



Always happy when a film comes around the bend that was produced and shot locally for us Minnesotans. Shooting in MN is a tough racket but the producers of Triumph67 are willing to tackle it and the subject matter and the players involved is something not seen before and it looks to be a really special project.

Since this interview was recorded the film played to a packed house at Flyway and came away with a lot of great responses and comments from the audience that included several other professional film makers. We at WheretheLongTailEnds and RowThree really look forward to a local screening and hopefully beyond for Jeremy and Co. Listen to a very friendly and eager Jeremy talk about the film here and see some of the external links that will get you to trailers and more information below.


Triumph67 official site
Kickstarter campaign
Jeremy’s Twitter
Triumph67 Twitter


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