Flyway Film Fest Dispatch #3: Director Gary King



Director Gary King sits down with Matt and Andrew as the only film maker with two films screening at the Flyway Film Festival this year: Death of the Dead and What’s Up Lovely. This is Gary’s second year at Flyway after last year’s screening of RowThree favorite, New York Lately. Death of the Dead is essentially Flyway’s equivalent of a midnight madness screening with a lot of low brow humor; definitely best enjoyed with a beer or seven… and as it turns out, it really is a truckload of fun (review coming soon)!

Check out our brief conversation with film fan and friend Gary King and then check out some of the links below to the production blog of current and upcoming project. And be sure to BUY A COPY of King’s 2008 top ten feature, New York Lately on DVD complete with director commentary and Andrew James fan/critic commentary (my first go at a film commentary – which was a lot of fun!).



LINKS: (trailers, reviews, production blog, etc.)
Andrew’s review of What’s Up Lovely
Oddly, but awesomely translated version of Andrew’s review for What’s Up Lovely

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Thanks again for the continued support! So glad to catch up with you guys again. Next year we have to actually sit down over a meal together!

Mike Rot

My favorite part of the mangled review of What's Up Lovely:

Gary, get this on the poster:

"The movie does humour a small bit from a peculiar make up as good as repetitiveness of a small of a strategy utilized, though during usually 69 mins it’s not just a formidable toil of a film."


That pretty much sums up the film…I totally should use it!